About Pure Land

The Pure Land blog is divided into five categories:


To help readers explore the world responsibly, sustainably and without exploitation – whether it’s the other side of the globe, or the other side of town. To offer practical advice and resources on travel preparation, guidance on long-term overseas living, advice on how to identify and reject practices that exploit humans and animals and discussion around how best to reduce intrusive presence while honouring local and indigenous culture. Finally, to offer additional advice, where possible, on the accessibility of locations to those who are differently abled or who are contending with challenges to their mental health.


Interviews with individuals who offer creative contributions to the world, who make a difference in their communities and who dedicate time and energy to improving all within their reach. The ‘people’ category has an overall aim of highlighting and exploring individuals and communities from their own perspective. Narrative control has been held hostage from too many people for too long; the underprivileged, the disenfranchised, women, people of colour, sons and daughters of colonised lands. For those of us who have the privilege of a platform, it is time to pass the mic.


To examine schools of thought aimed at improving quality of life. Explorations of autonomy, accountability, self-development and applied minimalism. Understanding the power of the consumer and the community in a confusing and disparate world.


Reviews of products and services from providers who are doing their best to bring major change to consumers while managing resources responsibly. A great place to start if you’re looking to make switches to greater sustainability or to learn more about your power as a consumer.


Stories from my travels, photographic projects and life experiences that have helped me overcome difficulty and facilitated growth worth sharing.