Life in Japan – Moving to Japan

There are nearly as many reasons to relocate to a new country as there are stars in the night sky. You want to see more of the world or to travel while earning and even saving money. Perhaps you want to truly immerse in another culture, not just see it superficially. Maybe you need greater economic opportunity than you have in your home country.

Japan is at the top of many travellers’ lists of places to visit, but few people have an idea of what life is like on a daily basis for members of the international community.

The Pure Land Co’s Life in Japan series exists to cover the huge variety of topics relating to living in Japan as a foreigner. Finding jobs, self-sponsoring a working visa, finding a place to live, cooking, shopping, exploring – and beyond.

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Six Months to Minimal

From cluttered homes to choice paradox paralysis, modern humans are stifled in every area of their lives by the presence of ‘too much.’ The malady of affluence is, without doubt, a ‘first world problem’ – but it’s a problem which can have both global knock-on effects and more personal ramifications. Is minimalism the answer?

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An examination of a modern nomad lifestyle: want a solution to your long-term travel woes? Try living and working abroad!

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