My Story

My name is Rebecka Wolfe. I’m a photographer from the U.K. – although I’m kind of all over the world at the moment.

I’ve lived and worked in the U.K., Nepal, Japan, and will be starting up a new life in Australia in late 2019. The Pure Land Co is a place for my travel guides, overseas work experiences and life lessons – all with the continuing theme of responsible travel and sustainable, accountable living.

I left the U.K. in 2013 and have been living overseas ever since. Migrant life can be challenging – especially when adapting to a new culture and language, far away from friends and family. My goal has always been to live and work in a way that improves the world in small but vital ways. This includes sustainable living, intentional consumer choices and accountability for all of my actions. There is a rising interest among travellers in not only ecologically sound travel, but ethnologically responsible travel. This includes the management of destination resources and infrastructure, coupled with the strengthening of communities and the chance for visitors to truly engage in a new culture. It is never the easiest way to travel, but it is without doubt the best.

What’s the deal?

During my five years in Japan, I worked in the travel industry with a client base ranging from individuals to multi-national corporations. My daily life involved location scouting, product building and cross-cultural business growth – as well as many hours of unpaid overtime and an ever-decreasing sense of purpose in my work. I was working for a giant corporation who had set up in Japan for the first time. Their business espoused virtuous, sustainable travel and I thought that I had found the perfect opportunity to leverage my experience of life in Japan to bring profits to local people and genuine experiences to travellers. It wasn’t to be – the company was more interested in profit and security, as any large multinational would be. I was disappointed, but had realised that true industry change doesn’t come from suppliers – it comes from consumers. You, me, us. I was never going to change the system from the inside and I was overworked and exhausted.

In 2019, I reverted to working as a full time travel and portrait photographer after years of telling myself that I should “just do an ‘adult’ job.” I had never believed in myself enough to pursue photography with the tenacity that I pursued all of my other goals with, but the time had come to make that change. I now spend every waking moment working, meeting new clients and doing everything I can to develop my skill set and become a master of my craft.

The best part? Now that I’m freelance and work in various parts of the world on my own terms, I am no longer tied to somebody else’s corporate interests. I can share all of the insider knowledge that I’ve built up through years of life overseas, endless unconventional choices and an insatiable drive to do better today than I did yesterday.

What next?

I’ll be adding more to the Pure Land Co as the weeks and months of 2019 progress. Expect photographic prints, photo zines and guidebooks that dive into places most others miss.

If you’re looking for a photographic professional in Australia, the UK or Asia Pacific, my portfolio is at