Pure Land – not a place in which we arrive when we die, but a state of being while we are alive. The radical idea that happiness is ‘now’ and not ‘when’ – and that happiness itself needs to be radically re-defined.

A Geisha walks through Gion Shijo in Kyoto, Japan.

Welcome to the Pure Land Blog

You’ve arrived at the Pure Land Co. Welcome! Wondering what it’s all about?

If you’ve already read my story and a little about this blog, you’ll know that the blog covers five main areas of life that offer a cumulative view of a journey that has so far been varied and interesting.

A field of pampas grass in front of Mount Fuji in Japan.

What to expect?

The five main areas I mentioned previously are as follows:

Travel – How to travel long term, how to live and work abroad and the benefits and challenges of responsible travel. Guides to slow and sustainable travel in locations around the globe.

Mindset – How to redefine happiness, how to live a purposeful life, how minimalism can make life less complicated.

Lifestyle – products from ethically sound companies, alternatives to wasteful habits, advice for living the life of a long-term traveler.

People – interviews with individuals who are creating their own definition of a purposeful life, creating art and building community.

Personal – a loose collection of tales and experiences from my travels; lessons I’ve learned from mishaps and adventures.

People in suits walk through the forest of Koyasan.

What’s the idea?

2019 is another year in which cultural shifts are becoming impossible to ignore. Employment and housing security are decreasing, social media has become omnipresent and younger people are focusing more on ‘doing’ and less on ‘having.’ Experiences over possessions, mobility and freedom over mortgages, creating work instead of searching for it. We have no blueprint to follow, and so we are forging our own paths. This leaves space for greater successes, greater failures and greater lessons.

Western consumer culture has passed its natural apex of top-down domination and small, independent companies are disrupting every industry from travel to tech to beauty and beyond. We want better standards for workers and makers, a sense of purpose in our lives and a world with less damage and destruction.

Because of these changes, we have the freedom and the power to choose to live a better life, taking small steps in the consumer choices we make and the mentality that fuels those choices. Ethical fashion, sustainable economies, world-improving travel and genuine communities. We have a chance to secure our arrival in a Pure Land of our own making, of ‘now’ and not ‘when.’

Big movements start with small steps, and I’ve started the Pure Land blog in the hope that it will eventually create a community of like-minded people from all cultural backgrounds and walks of life. The aim is to refuse the crippling pressure of perfectionism and absolutism, adopting instead the kind of slow and gradual changes that build lasting, resonating change. The core value is of being the change we want to see in the world, while still living a fulfilling, well-used life.

Pampas grass in a field in Japan.

What can I gain from reading?

Put simply, you can expect the following:

  • Step by step guides detailing the process of moving overseas.
  • Advice on finding work and housing in a foreign country.
  • Understanding employment laws when working in a new country.
  • What ‘responsible travel’ is and how you can be a part of the movement.
  • Reviews of useful products made by ethically sound manufacturers.
  • Approaches to minimalism as a tool for quality of life.
  • Detailed travel guides for lesser known locations in Japan, Nepal, Great Britain, rural Greece, Australia and more.
  • Insider advice on travel experiences that’ll help you grow as a global citizen.
  • Insights and interviews with creative individuals from all industries and backgrounds.
  • If you’re wanting tips on mastering analog cameras and film photography for your travels, take a look at my work portfolio and blog for more.

The Pure Land Co was a long time coming – it took me years to build up the courage to cast aside counterproductive perfectionism and just put my work out into the world. I’m always open to feedback, questions and co-creators to share ideas with.

If you have any topics you’d like covering (how to survive as a vegan in Japan? Avoid ‘voluntourism’ scams in Nepal? Tips on cruelty free sunscreen?) then please go nuts in the comments, I’m listening.

R x